Personal page of Mariem Mahfoudh describing her research and publications.

This is the companion web page for our paper titled « Algebraic Graph Transformations for Merging Ontologies » submitted to MEDI – International Conference on Model & Data Engineering 2014.

This page describes the software we developed for our research work on ontology merging.

If you have any comments/questions regarding the research work or software, please feel free to contact us.

The softwares

The softwares are developed in Java, making use of the Jena and AGG APIs for the processing of ontologies and graphs.

The package is licensed under a GPLv3 (license in the Jar files).

We provide two softwares :

  • OntologiesMapping : takes as input two ontologies in AGG format (.ggx) and output a mapping in XML. OntologiesMapping.jar (14.4 Mo)
  • GROM (Graph Rewriting for Ontology Merging) : takes as input two ontologies in AGG format (.ggx), a mapping in XML and outputs the merged ontology in AGG format (.ggx). GROM.jar (14.4 Mo)

To run the software, issue the following command:

$ java -jar OntologiesMapping.jar
$ java -jar GROM.jar

Note: You can convert OWL ontology to AGG (and back-and-forth) using our previous work : OWLToGGX / GGXToOWL.

Below, a representation of the proposed softwares required in the process of merging ontologies and the interactions between them.


Merging example

The two ontologies used in the paper are available here : COCCalps.owl (COCCalps.ggx), EOCCalps.owl (EOCCalps.ggx)

Step 1. The execution of OntologiesMapping.jar, with these two ontologies as input, outputs the following mapping file : MappingOntologies.xml.

Step 2. With a manual edit step, the file becomes : MappingOntologiesManual.xml.

Step 3. The execution of GROM.jar, with these two ontologies as input and MappingOntologiesManual.xml as mapping file, outputs the following merged ontology : EOCCalpsCOCCalps.ggx (EOCCalpsCOCCalps.owl)

Below, a visualization of the concept hierarchies. Note that the ontologies also contain individuals, properties and restrictions, all handled in the merging process.

COCCalps : EOCCalps : EOCCalpsCOCCalps :
COCCalps EOCCalps EOCCalpsCOCCalps


Please cite as :

M. Mahfoudh, L. Thiry, G. Forestier, and M. Hassenforder.

Merging Ontologies using Algebraic Graph Transformations

In 4th International Conference on Model & Data Engineering, Larnaca, Cyprus, 2014.