Personal page of Mariem Mahfoudh describing her research and publications.

This is the companion web page for our paper titled « Consistent ontologies evolution using graph grammars » published in KSEM 2013.

This page describes the software we developed for our research work on ontology evolution.

If you have any comments/questions regarding the research work or software, please feel free to contact us.

The software

The softwares are developed in Java, making use of the Jena and AGG APIs for the processing of ontologies and graphs.

The package is licensed under a GPLv3 (license in the Jar files).

We provide two softwares :

The one-jar style distribution includes our software, source code, and all the required dependencies (Jena, AGG, etc.).

The jar are executable and will ask for a path to an ontology or a graph and will output in the same directory.

Java 1.5 is required to run the software. To run the software, issue the following command:

$ java -jar OWLToGGX.jar

$ java -jar GGXToOWL.jar

For OWLToGGX, the meta-model of OWL (metamodelOwl.ggx) has to be in the same folder than the OWL ontology your want to convert.


We also provide here the ontology and the meta-model used in the paper :


Please cite as :

M. Mahfoudh, G. Forestier, L. Thiry, and M. Hassenforder.

Consistent ontologies evolution using graph grammars

In International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management, volume 8041 of LNCS, pages 64-75, Dalian, China, 2013.